Prohias_Spy vs. Spy

Antonio Prohías, “Say it with drawings.”

An extremely creative artist, his cartoons and caricatures will always be valuable pieces for an audience beyond any frontier. After being trained by his mentor Rosañada, Prohías started with magazine Zig Zag, then continued with Carteles, Revista Bohemia, and newspaper El Mundo (The World) in Havana during the 1950’s. His most popular character in Cuba was The Sinister Man (El Hombre Siniestro), a comic strip that he developed for Bohemia.

He was president of the Cuban Caricaturists Association for many years.
Prohías moved to United States during the early sixties. By that time he joined MAD Magazine where he created his most famous comic strip: Spy vs. Spy.



(It reads “By Prohías” in Morse (telegraph) Code as part of his signature).

(Antonio Prohías’ signature)

Prohías moved to United States during the early sixties. By that time, he joined MAD Magazine where he created his most famous comic strip: Spy vs. Spy.
Antonio Prohías was inspired by the shape and the meaning of the Yin Yang symbol. He knew how to visualize it for Prohías transferred these concepts into his drawings.
An artist with editorial ink in his veins, he always argued: “Do not say it with words, say it with drawings.” Without dialogues for his characters, he communicated his silent style with tremendous creative genius.
Prohías died in 1998, however his creations have survived him in order to give perennial laughs to this world. You will find samples of his works all around the web.