Rene Magritte

“This is not a pipe.”;id=34438;type=101

This drawing IS NOT Magritte’s masterpiece. The purpose of it is just to illustrate graphically the message of the artist. Nevertheless, the original work
The Treachery of Images is at LACMA in Los Angeles, California.
The painting is a warning cry to awaken the conscious mind. It makes understand the ways we give a meaning to what we perceive through our senses. When Magritte created this piece (1928, Modern Surrealism), he was doing illustrations for advertising. Since ancient times, drawings and symbols have been part of communication, including education of course. Culturally, humans have inherited these tools for comprehension. However, Magritte reveals the fragility of our thoughts.
When the confused public asked to Magritte what he was trying to convey, he explained that it was not an actual pipe for they cannot put tobacco in it. In other words, he cleared that it was nothing but a painting.