ArtFolder was created back in 1998. Since then, I have been communicating ideas, concepts and my points of view. Art has many ways to be expressed, and of course, I am going to include as many as I can in this your site. However, I don”t think that I am going to write essays that have to follow the strict rules for perfect writing. I am  a graphic artist. Cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator, photographer, you name it. My mission, is very simple: to work to survive, but never, ever, give up of being an artist, and also be in solidarity with my colleagues. A world without art, would be an ugly place with no thinking. My vision, is just a little more ambitious: to make understand art, at least, from my modest point of view. Art is an inspiration. It is the capacity to free and share the imagination. In art creation,  the abstract comes first, then the concrete.

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Roberto Williams


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