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Ovals and triangles build almost any figure in nature

The Mandelbrot Set (a mathemathical equation) by Benoit Mandelbrot is an astounding discovery. It suggests that nature is compossed by fractals.
The Mandelbrot Set’s itself is compossed by ovals and triangles.
Since ancient times, the artist has used the geometrical approach to create art.
Roll your cursor over the Mandelbrot fractal and see its geometrical structure:




You can also observe how triangles and ovals are present in nature. Take a look to each of these leaves, see how they are shaped shaped with triangles while ovals appear in its negative space.

Try to experiment with different natural models and you will be amazed. As you can confirm, there is an inner structure based on geometrical
shapes that form a figure.





Roll your cursor over the next figures, and analize for yourself the basic roughs used by artists to draw the figure. Take a pencil and a piece of paper, and make your own sketches.

Adopting this geometrical approach is an easy way to do drawings. Moreover, it is a wonderful method to create without the use of models. Use your imagination, the geometrical shapes will do the rest.