Art has been with humans since the beginning of times.
Archaeologists, anthropologists, and other investigators are always discovering the presence of art pieces inside the different layers of previous groups and cultures. Personally, I trust the artifacts of art rather that what is written in history. Why? Because in the whole timeline, who is in power is the one who writes her/his own convenient “truth.”  Too many mysteries have been “solved” using incredible stories. On the contrary, the narrative of the pieces of art,  lead to  more clear ideas about what really happened in the past. Artifacts have done such a great work communicating, that we only have to recall those scenes where the conqueror sets on fire them to eliminate the evidence. I am not justifying all pieces of art as being good all the times. Art has been used for good and for evil, as everything else. Nevertheless, it takes more time to make an object of art, than to destroy it.

Art is communication. It is a witness of the times.