Masterpieces of time

When I saw this kerosene lantern converted into an electrical lamp, I could understand the transitional stages in an ongoing technological transformation. The creative mind of the one who managed to put together these two times in history was clever. The light, actually, changed our cultures and perceptions. To be clear, we were capable to broaden ourselves into the night, or darkness, and to recognize everything around us.

Humans were able to continue developing their drawings into symbols until convert them in scripture with the hieroglyphic and alphabet. Having the light, allowed us to write and elaborate books to exchange our experiences throughout reading. However, which is important is that in every effort to elaborate technologies, artistry was present. It is amazing how aesthetic is always tied to craftsmanship.

With the latest appearance of the computer, the main concern was about reducing space. The first computers were entire buildings. There was a need to have an extension of ourselves that we could carry wherever we move. Then, we were given the personal computer (PC), and that was marvelous. Nevertheless, more problems arose. Laptops continued to be bulky and relied on wired  mice and keyboards. Our geniuses applied the touch screen control! The keyboard was inserted inside the rectangular display, and the index finger flicked the mouse away! Moreover, these touch pads carry in their memories more information than the biggest library building.

What is going to happen next?  I dare your imagination to give me an answer.

Lanterns, lamps, books, touch pads, and memory devices, all are pieces of art.